C&E Services, Inc.
C&E Services, Inc.

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When it comes to quality and customized service, C&E Services, Inc. has a track record that speaks for itself. C&E is a company with a history of providing customers with excellent service. In today's highly competitive marketplace, service is more important than ever. Service means different things to different people; however at C&E we believe service involves four objectives for our customers: Quality, Responsibility, Results, and Solutions.


Each customer sees only a small part of what we produce at any given time and forms opinions of us based on that experience. We have learned that achieving mutually beneficial relationships with our customers involves providing quality products and services, on time and consistently, despite our customer’s changing needs.


Operating our business responsibly and safely is of primary importance to us. We know it is important to our customers and to our neighbors. From toxicologists to product managers to delivery specialists, we are committed to conserving resources, eliminating waste, and minimizing hazardous materials. This level of responsibility serves as assurance to our environmental and safety compliance.


Not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations is a major priority. Whether the concern is with plant efficiency, environmental regulations, corrosion inhibition, deposit control, or wastewater cleanup, C&E Services can provide products and services based on the latest technology that will consistently produce optimum results.


We recognize the need to provide our customers not just with our service, but also with solutions to problems. C&E Services can offer exceptional expertise and qualified personnel to answer your every need and provide assistance for your issues to be resolved and met.
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