CARL L. BIGGS – Is President, Owner, and General Manager of C&E Services, Inc., a water treatment company, established in 1984, doing its primary business in the Washington Metropolitan area. Mr. Biggs possesses more than 34 years of in-depth experience in commercial and industrial wastewater treatment operations and has extensive experience in the treatment of water used in steam generating and chill water systems for corrosion inhibition. This involves the management of integrating products, field services, laboratory support, and monitoring equipment. Also, he has experience managing engineering support activities for wastewater clarification and power plant operation. Mr. Biggs holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from North Carolina Central University, Durham, N.C. and a master's degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is an active board member of several community organizations that include Crosslink International, INOVA Hospital Systems and the Coalition of Churches for Haiti.

DOUGLAS B. PICKERING – Is the Senior Vice President and Vice President of Engineering Services with C&E Services, Inc. Mr. Pickering has been with C&E for 14 years and has been managing water and wastewater treatment and distribution projects for 41 years. He possesses more than 35 years of engineering, supervisory, budget, personnel contracts, and project management experience (27 years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and 14 years with C&E Services, Inc. Companies). He provides senior corporate management for Engineering Services, Facility Maintenance, and Facility Operations. Mr. Pickering holds a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. He is an active member of both the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Water Works Association.

JAMES M. ROENICK – Is Vice President of Industrial Water Treatment with C&E Services, Inc. Mr. Roenick has been with C&E Services for 24 years providing extensive services in facility management, water treatment, power plant operations, steam generation systems, and chilled water systems. He possesses more than 25 years of in-depth experience in water treatment and providing consultation services to a variety of customers. He holds an undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD as well as an undergraduate degree in Medical Technology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

JAMES BIGGS – Is the Area Manager of Industrial Water Treatment Programs at C&E Services, Inc. Jim Biggs possesses more than 21 years of exceptional service in the areas of contract management, industrial water treatment consultant/trouble shooter, and warehouse management. He also provides consultation services to a variety of wastewater treatment customers. Mr. Biggs holds a bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University, Durham, N.C.

JOSSIE P. BIGGS – Is the Vice President of Human Resources, Admin and Logistics at C&E Services, Inc. Jossie Biggs has been with C&E for 27 years managing human resources, administration, mail, records, personnel, maintenance of equipment, acquisition of equipment and supplies, acquisition of facilities, and maintenance of corporate records and files.

DORENE SHAFFER – Is the Vice President of Finance and Accounting at C&E Services, Inc. Dorene Shaffer possesses 5 years as a comptroller for C&E and 38 years in managing finance and accounting for Mobil Corporation. Ms. Shaffer performs such duties as financial policies, financial management, financial planning, programming, budgeting, budget review, resource management, asset management, and corporate accounting.